Board Members

Director of Environment and R&D Sections; Dr. Emmanuel Stamatakis: PhD in Chemical Engineering and Master in Production Management Systems; Involved as a research scientist in various National & International environmental projects such as: PERL (Enhancing the research potential of the NCSRD Environmental Research Laboratory), STORIES (Addressing barriers to storage technologies for increasing the penetration of intermittent energy sources); H2SusBuild (Development of a clean and energy self-sustained building in the vision of integrating H2 economy with renewable energy sources); Roads2HYCOM (Research co-Ordination, Assessment, Deployment and Support to Hydrogen Communities); ENGINE (Enhanced Geothermal Innovative Network for Europe), MOREOIL (Evaluation of the miscible gas injection in Oil Reservoirs by Monitoring the Asphaltenes Concentration). Significant experience in project management and project proposals preparation and evaluation.

CEO & Financial and Administrative Manager; Mr. Dimitrios Stamatakis: Mechanical Engineer; Significant experience in project management for public technical projects (reformation of roads and squares, buildings, water supply networks, sewerage and irrigation). Expertise knowledge in design, implementation and supervision in the area of Photovoltaics and Energy related projects. First class degree (A+) for Electromechanical and Hydraulic Systems Under Pressure from the General Organization of Public Works.

Director of Energy Section; Mr. Michael Trantas: MSc in Microelectronics & Computing; Significant experience in Embedded systems design and implementations, Internet of Things, wired and wireless telecommunications systems as well as in electrical installations and maintenance. Expertise knowledge in design, implementation and maintenance in the area of Solar and Energy related projects. Michalis has been deeply involved in Lighting Design projects for MENA area “Middle East – North Africa”, as well as in developing Lighting Standards for the department of Transport, DoT of Abu Dhabi.

Director of Land Surveying Section; Mr. Georgios Lathourakis: Surveyor Engineer; Significant experience on cartographic projects with specialization in photogrammetry and GIS. Project manager in various national projects such as LSO3 of Hellenic Cadastre “Entrusting of services airphoto and production of colored digital orthoimages in big scale”, Triangulation, digitalization and attribution of polygonal buildings from 3D Satellite pictures IKONOS in the cities Riyadh, Dammam and Zeda in Saudi Arabia, Mapping the streets of Greece to create a database (Geographical Information System).