Researchers’ Night 2015 @ Demokritos

September, 2015

ecoCreta and the Environmental Research Laboratory of NCSR Demokritos are participating at the 2015 Researchers’ Night presenting a poster with title: “Advanced nanoparticles for optimized management of underground geological reservoirs”.

nanoGEO comes to light as a long-time vision of the company, attempting to introduce new nanoproducts and services to the national, European and global market. The project tackles at the same time two major issues with significant expected environmental and economic impact, such as:

  • improve the description and understanding of underground geological formations, reduce various potential environmental risks and demonstrate a methodology which is capable of making predictions of computed concentration profiles of toxic organic solutes dissolved in ground waters, using nanotracers.
    Nano-particle tracer
  • prevent scale precipitation in the near-well zone and the surface equipment of oil/gas/geothermal plants and establish, at the same time, an advanced laboratory methodology that can be used routinely for the study of scaling at specific oil & geothermal fields under reservoir conditions, using nanoinhibitors.

ecoCreta @ Demokritos Poster ENecoCreta @ Demokritos Poster GR