Researchers’ Night 2014 @ Demokritos

September, 2014

ecoCreta and the Environmental Research Laboratory of NCSR Demokritos participated at the 2014 Researchers’ Night presenting a poster with title: “Integrated Methodology for Tracing Toxic Pollutants in the Subsoil and the Groundwater from Agricultural and Industrial activities”.

The purpose of this preliminary research was to stimulate the development of an integrated methodology for tracing toxic pollutants using a combination of sophisticated image management systems, advanced soil characterization, numerical modelling and advanced experimental techniques already used in the petroleum industry. This tool can be used to estimate the environmental impact of industrial or/and agricultural activities at groundwater resources. The tool can be applied to the selection of proper locations for industrial operations and also for the assessment of groundwater pollution thought the selection of proper remediation strategies for contaminated grounds.

ecoCreta @ Demokritos Poster